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Can I keep my car if I have a collision, limited collision or comprehensive claim and my insurance company declares it a total loss?
You can often have the option to retain your vehicle after it is considered a total loss, although we do not recommend it.
The body shop is repairing my car after an insured loss. Will my insurance company pay for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?
If your car has 20,000 miles or fewer, we will use OEM parts. If it is more than 20,000 miles, it is dependent on availability, and the insurance company reserves the right to select the most cost effective parts.
If I go make a claim with my insurance company do I have to pay an out of pocket expense?
Depending upon liability, your deductible may apply.
How long will it take to repair my car?
Each collision is unique, and there are many variables to consider, such as parts availability and severity of damage. The range of time it takes to repair a car is from 2 days to 30 days, and there is no way of knowing how long it will take until the shop and the insurance company come to a price agreement.
Do I have any advantages to choosing one body shop over another?
You can go to any body shop that you would like. However, there are advantages to choosing us such as our certifications, and our complimentary detailing service with any collision repair service.
How does the process of renting a vehicle work?
We will coordinate with your insurance company and rental car agency to reserve a car. A car rental agency representative will pick you up when you drop off your car with us.
How does your shop handle damage that is not clearly visible?
We will document the damage by taking pictures and requesting a supplement from the insurance company. When we request a supplement, we work directly with your insurance company and this does not generate an extra expense for you.

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