A & M Auto Body



Collision repairs begin with an inspection performed by an estimator where the work will be done. The inspection is documented, photos are taken,& then sent to the insurance company as well as the customer.


After the customer and insurance company authorize the repairs, all needed parts are ordered.


The first step in the actual repair process is to disassemble the damaged area of the vehicle. Then the undamaged disassembled parts are wrapped and protected.


The vehicle is analyzed by an electronic measuring system to restore it back to factory specifications. This system ensures the vehicle frame is straight and structurally sound. Any needed suspension or alignment repairs will also be completed during this step.


After the vehicle is structurally & mechanically sound, the body work will be completed. This step preps the surface for the paint and refinishing process.


The vehicle is carefully prepared to provide ideal surface conditions that ensure adhesion and a smooth finish. Parts are sanded, then primer is applied. A perfect color match is then applied, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish. After curing, the painted surface is polished for a gloss finish.